What Sets Online Resources Apart From the Competition

• Consultant PassThrough Program (CPTP) – Payrolling and Contingent Worker Support Services. Do you have a candidate that you want to hire as a contractor, but aren't sure how this would work? Online Resources' Consultant PassThrough Program allows our customers to leverage referrals at reduced costs. Our PassThrough program allows companies to identify candidates for contract employment and to bring them through our agency at a reduced cost. Online’s PassThrough Program takes full employer responsibility, which includes: unemployment and worker's compensation, federal, state and local taxes, general liability insurance, and compliance with applicable employment laws. In addition, contractors that are payrolled through our PassThrough Program are eligible for Online Resources’ variety of benefits. The PassThrough Program offers our customers cost reductions for quality talent and allows managers the flexibility to convert such contractors to full-time employees at any time with no additional fee.

• Consultant Staff Augmentation – You provide Online Resources Consulting Group with your requirements and we will find an employee who can get your job done right, on time and better than you expected. And as the employer, Online Resources will be responsible for their weekly pay, benefits, taxes and additional paperwork.

• Direct-Hire Candidates – Online Resources is a resource for direct-hire candidates. For situations which require a direct-hire, Online will handle the recruitment, interviewing and screening processes. The result is that you receive a direct-hire employee who will succeed in your work environment and deliver the expertise you need and expect.

• Contract Option-To-Hire – Hiring decisions can be difficult. But when an Online Resources employee is working for you, you have to opportunity to assess their skills and their ability to fit into your organization, and are better equipped to make those hiring decisions.

• Core Team Staffing Solutions (CTSS) – On projects requiring multiple team members, we have successfully provided Core Team Staffing Solutions. Utilizing a concept of "Core Team, Core Competence", we work closely with you to fully understand project requirements, timeframes and staffing needs. We utilize a timeline centric staffing model that establishes a "Core Project Team", with supplemental staffing as needed throughout the project lifecycle. This strategy of "Core Teaming" provides an efficient and effective way to ensure success in a variety of projects.

• We have 30 years of experience in the staffing support industry. We have developed and maintained long-term relationships with our clients, employees and consultants. We pride ourselves on our open and honest communication and have built a core team of professionals that we continue to work with year after year. We have an "open door" policy with regard to rates and margins. As a result, our staff is secure in the knowledge that their pay rate is at full market, fair and equitable, and that we do not overcharge our clients.

Our Experience

Our services encompass many segments within the technical field; from start-up companies to nationally and globally recognized corporations. Our broad based knowledge of industry trends and the extensive hands-on experience of our consulting staff provides clients with a highly effective, and results oriented combination. The following is a partial list of the areas of expertise we provide to our clients:

E-Commerce and Web Development
Inter/Intranet Systems and E-Commerce Applications
IT Infrastructure
Systems Administration, Networking, Data Administration

• Database Administration
• Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
• Data Warehousing/Data Mining
• Systems Programming
• Software Quality Assurance
• Software Engineering
• Software Documentation
• Technical Writers/Trainers
• Legacy Systems Maintenance & Support
• Programmer/Analysts
• LAN/WAN Engineers
• Point of Sale Systems
• Client/Server Development
• Enterprise Resource Planning
• PeopleSoft, Oracle and SAP Implementation Teams
• Information Systems Strategy
• Executive I.S. Staffing

• Our Internal Staff – All of our internal staff have been selected based on who they are as people. We firmly believe that if an individual doesn’t have extensive experience in our industry they can be taught and nurtured. What can’t be taught are core values, integrity, honesty and commitment. We are proud that these qualities enable our staff to truly function as a team and guide all of their behavior and decisions.

Online Resources Consulting Group is certified as a Woman-Minority Business Enterprise and with the State of California Office of Small Business and DVBE Certification.

Online Resources Consulting Group is proud to be a member of NACCB – The National Association of Computer Consulting Businesses, with over 500 affiliate members nationwide. NACCB members have a strong track record of achievement and a commitment to the highest standards of service. The NACCB assures that its member are aware of, and in compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws and that all applicable equal opportunity provisions are observed. And, a strict Code of Ethics is enforced to insure that all NACCB members are held to the highest professional standards in the consulting industry.

Our History

Online Resources Consulting Group, Inc., was founded in 1992 and offers a wide range of business and computer consulting services.   Today, Online Resources Consulting Group works with a variety of client companies - many with resources represented globally.

We create a team approach to our services, and won't hesitate to put extra effort into assisting with contingent worker conversions and orientations, or placing the appropriate consultant or full time employee with our clients.

Our corporate offices are located in Newport Beach, California.   We offer a friendly environment and build lasting relationships with our employees and consultants, as well as our clients. We like to meet and get to know all of our external staff, and feel confident in placing them in positions in which we know they will do a superior job for our customers.