Consultant PassThrough Program

Payrolling situations are becoming more common for employers who utilize select contract employees and their specific skills without the assistance of an outside agent. In a traditional payrolling situation, employers have located the candidate, but do not want to take on the burden of payroll administration functions.

Employers need a back-office provider to become the legal W-2 Employer of Record for the contract employee, provide mandated insurance coverages and ensure proper tax withholdings, including a form W-2 at the end of the year for tax purposes, thus eliminating a variety of paperwork issues, benefit problems, liability, exposure, etc. Additionally, independent contract employees (1099s) are often converted to W-2 payrolled employees.

Online Resources program was developed to accommodate all businesses and is the ideal way to alleviate the administrative burden of payrolling for the following:

• Retirees
• Project Staff
• Contract Staff
• Consultants
• Short-term Assignments
• Long-term Assignments

Online Resources Consultant PassThrough Program offers our clients the opportunity to decrease the expense and administrative tasks associated with managing this process. In addition, having contractors paid by an external vendor mitigates many of the co-employment risks facing companies today. We believe our organization and its' dedicated infrastructure sets us apart from our competition.

Employer of Record
For independent or direct consultants that prefer or who need to perform their contracts as W-2 employees, Online Resources will act as the Employer of Record. All Online Resources employees are paid weekly through direct deposit. Client authorized expense reimbursements are also handled promptly through our Payroll Department.

Co-Employment Protection

Online Resources will ensure that all employees understand the nature of their employment relationship and will enter into an employee contract agreement with our firm. This contract establishes Online Resources as the employer and also addresses the compensation, terms, confidentiality, proprietary interest, company specific workplace policies, workers compensation and other liabilities.

Agency of Record
When the representation and billing for a contingent workforce needs to be processed through a third party, Online Resources Consulting Group can act as the Agency of Record and provide the following to your organization:

• Bill for contractor hours net 10 days
• Group multiple billings on one invoice
• Provide customized reports upon client request
• Eliminate multiple contractors contacting AP for payment
• No conversion fees
• No time limitations
• No non-compete clauses
• Provide professional liability, fidelity, umbrella property and E&O

Custom Reporting
Virtually any combination of captured employee data can be customized per each Manager's request. Standard reports include:

• Billing Detail/Summary
• Payroll Detail/Summary
• Expense Detail/Summary
• Open/Active Orders
• Active Employee Listing

Personal Assistance

Employees will be able to speak with a dedicated representative from Online Resources via our 800# to answer any questions they may have and to assist with sign-up and orientation.